While most of the time we are dealing with brutally honest marketing guidelines, conversion goals and edgy creative strategies, sometimes we need to really calm down and use our hearts to create something really sensitive — like this project. Orphan house of the Siauliai city asked us to create an advertisement video for them and this is a small report of what we did and how.

Well, our task was not easy - promoting orphan house is a really sensitive topic. Our idea behind the story was - well, this should not be a marketing piece that’s for sure, but it can become a story. Story, that is still awaiting it’s happy end, and maybe a story that will help viewer to help this happy end to come true - to become a parent and to help chose in favor of child adoption.

Our approach


We tried to create emotional scape that relies on contrasts of color and size. We tried to show this story from child’s perspective by placing parent’s helping hands somewhere “high in the sky”. This way we are showing care, and in the same time - leave plenty of space for the viewer to associate himself with the caregiver - future parent.


Combination of technologies


We decided to show striking contrast between everyday life and something that really matters. That’s why our backgrounds are 3D, realistic, and boringly grey; and something that really matters - a child and a happy parent is 2D, playfully cartoonish, bright and colorful.


Characters & assets development


Main Character

She’s a small orphan child. We tried to create her look to immediately show her childish nature — big eyes, funny “pigtails”, somewhat clumsy, but really sincere smile.


Look development

Sure enough, we developed plenty of alternatives and had long discussions on how exactly we want characters to look, here are some of the options we developed along the way:

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There were additional characters as well. Legs. Yep, plenty of those. We’ve created them this way in order to highlight that they are strangers and not a supporters for the main character, except those, that come to pick up little girl from the grey surroundings.



In conclusion


Kind reminder, that all our social-related projects are done with a huge huge discount (zero profit rates), if not for free (for something really special).

Meanwhile, we would call this project a HUGE success, if at least a single couple or man or woman will choose adoption after watching this video.