Med Travel Belarus is a company that specialises in medical tourism. Target audience are people older than 35 years, that gathered quite some health problems, while the local medical facilities do not provide a satisfactory service to them. Their main reasons to look for service outside their home country is saving time (MedTravelBelarus offers effective time management assigning several treatments and procedures without any queues), and money (some procedures in Belarus cost 3-5 times less than in Europe).

The main goal of the video was connecting the story to the viewer's own life. As the target audience for this ad was located mainly in CIS, we decided to gather everything unpleasant that can happen to a man seeking for medical attention. We figured out that showing this experience in Film Noir style would be perfect for our project, and painted it black.

Here's what we came up with:


We started with a moodboard. Researching American 40s movies and Frank Miller's art was indeed a usefull experience.

To get a more dramatic visuals, that, in a way, mimic Sin City movie, we used CEL animation for the wide shots. We filmed some real life footage as a reference and painted on top frame by frame.

The hero of our video has the same problems as the viewer: Eternal queues in the hospital, lack of doctor's professionalism , unintelligible handwriting on the receipt, depressing state of facilities.


Long story short - it turned out great. Usually, similar services are promoted using generic pictures of friendly doctors and clean halls of clinics. Customers of MedTravelBelarus found the video hilarious - they knew it was all about them, and not only remembered the video really well, but shared it with friends and relatives. Moreover, client's representatives reported significant boost in conversion rates - and that's the best news for us.